Posted in this section you’ll find other reports, links, and presentations that may be helpful and informative.

The Disease of Doubt

Paper by Timothy McCusker, FSA, CFA, CAIA, CIO, NEPC (PDF, 4 pages)

Doubt can be a pesky thing. Once infected with it, it is hard to shake off. It makes you second guess what you thought you were sure of. It’s contagious too. And there’s no flu shot for it.

Embrace Opportunities Amidst Uncertainty: NEPC’s 2016 Asset Allocation Letter

Paper by NEPC’s Asset Allocation Committee (PDF, 3 pages)

NEPC’s Asset Allocation Committee paper provides their view on 2016 and how they believe investors should actively seek opportunities to rebalance their portfolios toward higher return-seeking investments.

The Endowment Model

Paper by Scott Perry, Partner at NEPC [PDF, 7 pages]

NEPC Partner, Scott Perry has authored a paper titled The Endowment Model: Striking the Balance Between Simple & Complex. The paper endeavors to define the Endowment Model, offer considerations for small to mid-sized endowments and provide a case study to highlight the positives and negatives to various approaches.

Endowment Payout Methods

Presentation on Calculating Endowment Payouts [PDF, 21 pages] Financial Advisor Dan Brody’s presentation at the January Board of Trustees meeting analyzes different ways of calculating endowment payouts. He looks at the 13 quarter rolling average, used by the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund (UCEF), as well as the Yale formula and the straight percentage.

“Now What?”

Sermon by Jim Sherblom [PDF, 6 pages] Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA’s) Investment Committee Chair, Jim Sherblom, gives a sermon on the current economic crisis.

Building and Managing Endowments

Presentation to the Pacific Central District [PDF, 21 pages] UUA Treasurer and VP of Finance, Tim Brennan, presentation to the Pacific Central District.