The UUCEF is an alternative for UU Congregations that currently manage or direct the investment of their own assets. The Fund is more than a single investment option – it is an investment program that implements a range of key tasks that may be challenging (and costly) for any single UU Congregation to perform on its own. Under oversight of the Board, the Investment Committee selects professional outside advisors and Investment Managers. Collectively, these groups and individuals work to:

  • Set investment policies and operating procedures with ethical standards that are aligned with UU values
  • Determine asset allocation targets
  • Select and monitor investment managers
  • Utilize UU committee members for guidance, several of whom are investment professionals
  • Receive oversight from the UUA Financial Advisor and the UUA Treasurer
  • Report to the Board, as fiduciary of the Fund
  • Regularly rebalance the Fund to maintain its strategic asset allocation targets
  • Insure that the books and records of the Fund are audited by a major accounting firm

Service capabilities are built around the needs of UU Congregations, such as:

  • Ability to segregate restricted and unrestricted funds
  • Distribution payments each quarter, if requested
  • Flexible annual distribution rates: 0% to 6%
  • Quarterly statements and performance reports
  • Monthly statements and performance reports posted on line
  • Quarterly conference calls
  • Regular communications
  • Commitment to responsive, high quality service from dedicated UUA staff