When managing their own endowments, UU Congregations face an increasingly complex set of challenges, such as:

  • Establishing investment policies
  • Implementing an asset allocation strategy
  • Selecting investments and/or Investment Managers
  • Rebalancing the portfolio on a consistent schedule
  • Monitoring performance
  • Implementing portfolio changes
  • Controlling costs
  • Ensuring good accounting and audit practices
  • Enforcing good Investment Committee governance
  • Managing and investing consistent with UU values

Each of these responsibilities has its own risks, regardless of the asset size of the endowment fund or the investment experience of its trustees. UU Congregations may not have the time and expertise to manage these risks and generate the investment returns they seek.

By investing in the Fund, UU Congregations can transfer the responsibilities of investment management to a team of UUA committee members, staff and outside professional managers and advisors and take advantage of a comprehensive approach already in place — one with investment practices that express and support UU values through SRI.

By investing in the Fund, your UU Congregation can:

  • Free-up time and energy that can be devoted to other productive activities;
  • Gain peace of mind with professional management;
  • Increase the extent to which your assets are managed in a socially responsible manner;
  • Benefit from reduced transaction and management costs available to a larger fund.