Invest with your faith

The Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund is a diversified investment fund seeking current income and long-term investment returns through portfolio allocation and professional asset management with UU socially responsible investing goals.


Why Invest with the UU Common Endowment Fund?

Well-Managed and Efficient

The Fund is under the oversight of the Board and the Investment Committee who selects professional outside advisors and Investment Managers. Collectively, these groups and individuals work to set investment policies, determine asset allocation targets, select and monitor investment managers and regularly rebalance the Fund to maintain its strategic asset allocation targets.

Simplify a Challenging Responsibility

When managing an endowment, UU Congregations face an increasingly complex set of challenges. Establishing investment policies, implementing an asset allocation strategy, selecting investment advisors or managers, rebalancing the portfolio, monitoring performance and, controlling costs are but a few examples of the challenges that must be met and with each comes its own risks. The UUCEF manages all of these challenges and more. So why not invest your endowment in the UUCEF and transfer the responsibilities to a team of UUA committee members, staff and outside professional managers and advisors and take advantage of a comprehensive approach already in place?

Invest With Your Values

When a UU Congregation becomes an investor in the UUCEF, its voice is amplified by joining with other investors in the Fund, to the extent that the assets are directly managed on behalf of the UUA or in certain selected investment vehicles that apply SRI criteria in selecting their investments. We believe this gives UU Congregations an opportunity to have a more powerful and wide-ranging impact on corporate behavior and other issues of deep concern to Unitarian Universalists. Currently 72% of the UUCEF is managed by firms that apply Environmental, Social, and Governance (EGS) criteria or that screen out certain industries.

Socially Responsible Investing at the

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is ensuring that our investments are aligned with our values. The UUA has been strongly committed to SRI for over forty years. Our commitment springs from our faith, and from our deep conviction in the dignity of all human beings.

SRI Strategies

Shareholder Activism
Proposing and representing resolutions at annual stockholder meetings to encourage companies to adopt policies consistent with your values.
Proxy Voting
Using your shareholder voting power to vote on important issues of corporate governance, and proposed shareholder resolutions, through the annual proxy voting process.
Investment Screening
Trying to avoid doing unnecessary harm, such as by avoiding investments in companies that are serious polluters, employ sweatshops, or have racist or sexist policies.
Community Investment
Setting aside some portion of funds, often 1%, to be invested in local businesses that generate jobs and opportunities in addition to an attractive return.

"The staff of the finance office serves our investing congregations with excellent client service, timely reporting, and a robust website that has a rich array of resources about the Common Endowment. Our goal is to bring a high degree of professionalism to the management of the Common Endowment that includes regular rebalancing, rigorous accounting, audits by an outside firm, custodial banking, and legal oversight."

Andrew McGeorge
UUA Treasurer

"The UUA’s Common Endowment Fund provides the Association, and its constituent organizations, with a professionally managed, well-diversified, institutional investment portfolio which integrates UU values and reflects UU principles. The Investment Committee, appointed by the UUA Board, is comprised of investment professionals with considerable industry experience and a variety of different perspectives, including the fixed income and equity markets, private equity and investment consulting. The Investment Committee and the Socially Responsible Investing Committee work together to optimize the Fund’s value proposition from an investment, environmental, social and governance perspective. With the Association’s long history of shareholder activism as a foundation, the Fund’s share ownership is a powerful tool for witness to UU values, including justice and the interdependent web of existence. The Investment Committee oversees the establishment and implementation of the Association’s investment policies, including asset allocation, manager selection and performance reporting. The Common Endowment Fund seeks favorable, long-term, risk-adjusted returns consistent with the UU values."

Lucia Santini
Financial Advisor

"The UUCEF is a powerful vehicle for congregations to join with each other and with the denomination as a whole to advance UU values. We are a pioneering force driving corporate progress on issues such as climate change, money in politics, civil rights and LGBTQ rights. We make an impact disproportionate to our size through our shareholder advocacy and community investing. We also catalyze innovation in the investment community through our demand for data on companies’ social and environmental performance and our expectation that managers take an integrated approach to sustainability, social responsibility, and financial results."

Kathy Mulvey
Chair, Socially Responsible Investment Committee

"The UUCEF is a professionally managed investment vehicle that serves our congregations with a dual purpose of investing in alignment with our UU values and achieving market returns over a full market cycle. It is the power of these combined objectives that allows participating congregations to further their mission. The Investment Committee is a diverse group of individuals personally as well as in our areas of professional expertise. We are all committed to sharing our experience and knowledge towards achieving our long term objectives. We provide leadership in the Endowment & Foundation community by demonstrating the ability to adhere to our principles and meeting our long term return objectives. "

Kathleen Gaffney
Chair, Investment Committee