Monthly Market Commentary

Each month our consultants, New England Pension Consultants, provides a commentary on the previous month. These provide details on what markets and stocks did in the previous 30 day period.

NEPC Partner, Scott Perry, interviewed on Bloomberg TV. See the interview titled How Harvard Learned About Investing the Hard Way.

Performance Reports

This section contains the monthly and quarterly performance reports of the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund. Not only will you find the most current reports but also available are monthly reports going back as far as August 2009 and back to March 2004 for quarterly reports. We also provide a Change in New Asset Value per Unit report going back as far as fiscal year 2011.


In this section you will find the quarterly holdings reports of the UUCEF. These reports include the top 50 holdings as well as those held for shareholder advocacy purposes. These reports are maintained online as far back as September 2007.


Here you will find all the forms necessary to conduct the business of accounts held in the UU Common Endowment Fund.


Posted in this section you’ll find other reports, links, and presentations that may be helpful and informative.