Pursuant to the 2014 Business Resolution on Fossil Fuel Divestment, the UUA retains investments in major fossil fuel companies for the purposes of shareholder advocacy on environmental justice and the clean energy transition. (Read the 2018 Treasurer’s report on implementation of the Business Resolution here).

Corporate annual meetings are a key forum for shareholder advocacy — and most fossil fuel companies hold their meetings in the spring. The UUA was well represented this year! in May, UUA Socially Responsible Investing Committee Chair Kathy Mulvey attended the ExxonMobil annual meeting on the UUA’s proxy for the third year in a row. The UUA also designated one of Kathy’s colleagues at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), Ortal Ullman, as its representative for the Chevron annual meeting. And the UUA’s ownership stake in ConocoPhillips enabled Kathy to participate and submit a question in the webcast of that company’s annual meeting. All three of these companies are in the focus list of the Climate Action 100+

Leading up to and following these shareholder meetings, UCS published a series of blogs. Please read and share widely.