This week at the One Planet Summit in Paris, a new initiative was launched. The Climate Action 100+ Initiative, will drive action on climate change at the world’s largest emitters. Led by some of the world’s leading investor climate advocacy networks, the initiative brings together 225 Investors with more than 26.3 trillion in assets under management. The UUA is a proud participant.

Working with this broad coalition, we expect to have more influence in our engagements and more power behind our advocacy with the 100+ companies identified to have the highest carbon emissions. With other investors we will engage with the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters to improve governance on climate change, curb emissions and strengthen climate-related financial disclosures.

When the initiative was first announced in September at the UN backed Principals for Responsible Investment, CALPERS board member, Priya Mathur said, “Climate change poses such profound risks and tremendous opportunities for us as investors, but also for communities, and for workers, around the world who will rely on the  ‘just transition’ set out in the Paris Accord.”


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