In 2014, the UUA co-filed a resolution with American Electric Power (AEP) requesting a review of the company’s public policy advocacy efforts on energy and climate change policy. In March of this year, Tim Brennan, CFO and Treasurer of the UUA, wrote an op-ed piece using the UUA’s moral and financial power to continue the effort to convince AEP to take a leading role in renewable power solutions. Another important component of that effort was to convince AEP to end their support of lobbying against renewable energy. With the announcement that AEP will be ending their membership in ALEC, they will have ended their efforts to lobby against clean energy. As highlighted in the article, AEP’s ongoing efforts to reduce their reliance on electric generation from coal and refocusing their lobbying efforts away from obstructing clean energy solutions are excellent developments. The UUA’s SRI Committee is pleased to highlight our most recent success in shareholder advocacy