We have recently completed implementation of new software used for transaction accounting of congregational, affiliate organization, and UUA endowment accounts and trusts held in the Common Endowment Fund.  This new software will provide transactional information and additional statement information to our clients via a web-based online environment.  The new software and other process changes are intended to improve client service and help to minimize the administrative costs charged to the Fund.

Immediate changes clients should be aware of –

  • Statements will no longer be mailed. Instead the traditional statement will be available through our new and more secure online service. Monthly year-to-date statements will be provided. [Please note the current web-based static statement service will end as of April 30, 2015. The February month end statement is the last statement that will be available on this web site.]
  • Quarterly recurring and other demand payments will only be made via electronic (ACH) processing. Checks will no longer be an option for regular distributions.

ACTIONS that need to be completed –

  • Sign up for the NEW online access – form is available under the Report tab (Forms and Sign up for Online Statements) on the UUCEF website (www.uucef.org). New user name access and initial password will be issued; previous passwords will not be valid for this new online site.
  • Complete ACH authorization – form is available under the Report tab (Forms and Online Statements) on the UUCEF website. All clients should complete this step even if recurring payments have not been elected in order to expedite future payment requests.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this notice please contact Susan Helbert, assistant to the Treasurer (shelbert@uua.org / 617-948-4306) or Philip Murray, senior endowment accountant (pmurray@uua.org / 617-948-6119).