Unbelievably another decade has passed since one of the most horrific industrial disasters in history occurred in Bhopal, India. What isn’t unbelievable is that shareholders are still calling for Dow to accept responsibility and to clean up the tons of toxic waste that contaminated the local water supply. The contamination is still posing health risks today for all living nearby.

The UUA has filed a resolution for consideration at Dow’s annual meeting asking the company to resolve these claims promptly and fairly.

See the interview with Simon Billenness, member of the UUA Socially Responsible Investing Committee, on RT America (beginning at the 18:52 mark). You can read more on this issue in Equal Times article, Bhopal at 30: Dow Shareholders Demand Justice and International Business Times article Bhopal 30th Anniversary: Dow Chemical Shareholders Attempt to Force Company to Face Charges .