The UUA has joined a group of U.S. investors to press some of the nation’s largest publicly traded corporations urging them to extend their LGBT nondiscrimination policies and equal benefits policies to their employees abroad. 

The UUA is concerned about the highly varied and often harsh legal and cultural environments faced by LGBT communities in many parts of the globe. The investor group also seeks clarity on corporate preparedness to deal with threats or persecution faced by such employees. The investor group collectively owns or manages $210 billion in assets.

In the Clean Yield investor blogShelley Alpern, Director of Social Research & Shareholder Advocacy at Clean Yield Asset Management stated: “Today, most leading U.S. corporations now have equitable policies on their books for their American LGBT employees. But there’s a dearth of information on how many extend them outside of the U.S. In starting this dialogue, we hope to identify best practices and start to encourage all companies to adopt them.”