Last Friday, October 17, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) sent out an email asking their supporters for funds to fight the “smear campaign” waged against them by the Unitarian Universalist Church. ALEC claims that we UUs wish to “silence competing ideas and speech” because we have shone a light on their secretive activities to undercut voter registration, pass anti-immigrant legislation, harm the environment, and block movements for fair wages. We couldn’t be prouder.
Funded primarily by corporate members, ALEC produces “model” legislative bills that provide special privileges and advantages for the corporations that write them. These bills are then taken by participating legislators, mostly conservative politicians, to statehouses across the country where they are introduced and voted into law, without any indication that they were crafted by ALEC corporate members. One such bill was signed into law in Florida last year, preemptively banning local governments from enacting paid sick leave legislation.Our UUA has long urged companies, particularly those with whom we invest, to cut ties with ALEC. A number of organizations, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Yahoo have very publicly withdrawn their support, often citing ALEC’s denial of climate science as a contributing factor. Instead of addressing the concerns of the public and the corporations who have left their membership, ALEC is grasping at straws and spreading lies.

Today, I urge you to take a stand against ALEC by making a gift to our UUA. Show them that instead of their harmful, secretive practices, you support our Association’s 5th Principle and the UUA’s efforts to promote a transparent democracy. We have spoken out forcefully against the pernicious influence of ALEC, and with your help, we will continue to do so. Thank you for your support.

In faith,

The Rev. Peter Morales President, Unitarian Universalist Association