Brexit…What Now?

In addition to the monthly commentary provided by our consultants, NEPC, here are some of their thoughts on Brexit. The outcome of the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union has stunned forecasters and market participants. Markets responded in dramatic … Continued

June Monthly Commentary

Global equity market returns in June were marked by anticipation of and then fallout from Britain’s referendum to exit the European Union. Leading up to the vote investors expressed cautious optimism as polls remained tight but markets were mostly pricing in … Continued

May Monthly Commentary

US equity returns were modestly positive in May as investors digested mostly lukewarm economic data.  The S&P 500 returned 1.8% and the Russell 2000 gained 2.3% on the month. The month began with investors speculating the Federal Open Market Committee might … Continued

April Monthly Commentary

Global markets were calmer in April following a volatile first quarter amid easing concerns of a sharp economic slowdown in China and as the Federal Reserve reconfirmed a gradual pace to increasing interest rates. The S&P 500 gained 0.4% while … Continued

March Monthly Commentary

Following a rocky start to the first quarter, stocks rallied in March as global currencies strengthened versus the dollar amid renewed investor confidence, and commodity prices showed signs of stabilization. Emerging market equities led the charge with the MSCI EM … Continued

February Monthly Commentary

Global equities recorded modest losses in February as mixed economic data gave investors pause on the heels of January’s sharp drawdown. The S&P 500 was nearly flat, losing 0.1%, as concerns around slowing global growth trumped positive data on US … Continued

January Monthly Commentary

Equities started the year sharply lower as investors shunned risk amid concerns of a global slowdown in growth. The continued weakness in oil prices added to this risk aversion as oil hit a decade low of $26 before ending the … Continued

December Monthly Commentary

Global equities ended 2015 with a whimper as investors stayed on the sidelines while central banks in Europe and the US provided guidance on monetary policy. At home, the Federal Reserve raised rates, putting its target rate from 25-to-50 basis … Continued

November Monthly Commentary

Global equities were subdued in November amid tempered investor sentiment on the heels of October’s bounce back from third quarter losses. The S&P 500 rose 0.3% as positive economic data not only provided a supportive backdrop, but also increased the likelihood the … Continued

October Monthly Commentary

Global equities roared back in October, mostly erasing September’s losses amid declining volatility and continued monetary accommodation from the major central banks. The S&P 500 gained 8.4% on the month as global easing provided a supportive backdrop for equities, even … Continued